You May Do These 3 Tips To Repair Your Clogged Toilet

Not only is it a hassle, usually when the toilet is clogged it also creates a bad smell because of the dirt that can’t get into the septic tank. Well, usually people try to solve this problem by flushing as much water as possible. However, instead of being clean, the water in the toilet overflowed and flooded the bathroom floor. When such a disaster happens, you need to call Home Improvement – Plumbing experts.

If your toilet is clogged and you have free time to fix the problem yourself, you can do these 3 tips:

1. Use dish soap and hot water

This method is very easy for you to do to overcome clogged toilets, you don’t even need to use a vacuum. First, you only need to provide 1 cup of liquid dish soap and plenty of hot water. Well, the first step is to put the dish soap in the toilet and let it sit until the soap settles. The dish soap helps smooth clogged drain pipes so that they can flow more easily into the septic tank. Next, you just need to pour hot water as much as possible, but don’t let the water come out of the toilet. Let the water stands for 20 minutes. Then, flush the toilet to check if the toilet is still clogged. If so, do this again until the toilet returns to normal.

2. Using a combination of baking soda and vinegar

Not only hassle-free, but you can also get the materials you need to get rid of a clogged toilet easily. First, you just have to spread one cup of baking soda on the surface of the toilet water and wait for it to settle. After that, pour two cups of vinegar evenly on the surface of the toilet. After that, you will see the reaction of the two materials like bubbles. So, make sure that the bubbles don’t get out of the toilet. You just have to wait an hour to overnight for maximum results. Don’t forget to flush the toilet after you finish doing this method.

3. Using food wrapping plastic

Not only for wrapping food that is often used when cooking. It turns out that you can use plastic food wrap to overcome clogged toilets. To do this, provide plastic food wrap and use it to cover the toilet seats. Make sure the plastic is completely attached. After that just press the flush button. Later the plastic will look as if it is expanding. Now, if it looks like that, all you have to do is press it over and over again. The aim is to push the air back into the toilet so that it pushes the objects clogging the toilet. After that, the clogged toilet water will return smoothly.